Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Technology

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Technology

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  • Lose 2 Inches Guaranteed On Your First Visit
  • Discover the power of L.E.D Red Light Therapy For Lipo Reduction
  • Lose 2 Inches Guaranteed On Your First Visit
  • Far Superior Technology that gets instant results compared to CoolSculpting, Zerona, iLipo and Yolo.

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Welcome to Reduxx!

At Reduxx LipoReduction & Body Contouring Centers we focus on a variety of different c​utting edge weight loss treatments. Our main goal is to take our patients to the next level by accomplishing their weight loss goals faster and more efficient than traditional fat loss treatments. Unlike many other weight loss facilities we offer massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, personal training, nutrition and supplements as part of our all inclusive comprehensive program. What also sets us a part from other lipo-reducing offices is a technology called UltraSlim. Luckily for you we made it available in all of L.A. We have the exclusive use of it and the best of all is that the results are guaranteed.figure-9

You will lose 2 inches or more on your very first visit, the very same day!*

Developed by a NASA scientist, UltraSlim produces dramatic, IMMEDIATE results. You will lose two inches or more during your first treatment while dramatically improving the appearance of your skin.


You’re doing your body more harm than good by killing fat cells. which some technologies do like "Cool homeba2Sculpting" and Liposuction.

Our bodies need fat – we don’t need to eliminate it altogether. A better approach is to reduce the size of the fat cells, maintain a healthy lifestyle and the fat will stay off.





How Does UltraSlim Compare To Similar Devices?


Technology High-power LED Cryolipolysis Low-level laser Low-level laser Low-level laser Surgery
Treatments for circumferential inch-loss?
Treatments for skin tightening?
Treatments for facial lines and wrinkles?
Non-paddle system or Applicator System? N/A
No medical director required?
Does NOT cause Death or expell Fat Cells From The Body?
Does NOT result in fat distribution in unwanted areas of the body?
Guarantee You Lose 2" or More on Your First Visit!*


*On your first visit you will be given a body composition analysis. Since some patients aren’t candidates for inch loss due to fat loss because of the low total body fat calculated, they therefore would not qualify for the “Guarantee” as advertised.   The total body fat percentage calculated for women is 33% or less and 30% or less for men – these candidates would not qualify for the “2 inch or more loss Guarantee.” However, these candidates still could receive significant inch loss on their first treatment. The “2 inch Guarantee” only applies to 4 total areas or more treated on the initial visit.